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Welcome to WG MEATBOX, a new and exclusive line of premium, cooked meats. We believe in families sitting down together at the kitchen table, more than once a week. We believe in cooking and eating together. We want to make coming together for a meal easy for you! Our MEATBOX comes to your door with quality meats, ready for your family. The meal options for our products are endless including sandwiches, enchiladas, soups, tacos, hashes, and our beloved Hot Beef Sundae. WG MEATBOX is owned by Iowa natives who have grown up on the farm and want to keep sharing good food and conversation around the family table.


Ethically Raised, Quality Meat

At WG MEATBOX, quality products and services are our passion. We only source meat from the finest-quality, ethically raised, healthy animals. Our beef, pork, poultry, and rabbits are raised by farmers who are dedicated to the ethical production of premium meats.

Family is most important.

We are a family owned business in the heart of Iowa where sitting down around the table is still a family tradition. Family is most important, so we treat our customers like they are part of ours. We sell quality meat we would feed our own families. We make it easy because we understand those busy family schedules, trying to get the kids every which way. We put it at a price point that families can afford. We take special care in creating premium meat products that families can truly enjoy together. We created products the whole family can enjoy because there are so many meals to create! Even those picky eaters will give it a try! We hand select and pack your order to show you we care. It took our whole family to put our vision together. So from our family to yours, thank you and enjoy!

We make dinner easy and delicious.

Here at WG MEATBOX, we make dinner easy and delicious. With our no brainer BBQ, just heat and serve! We start with premium meats. We load the chips in the smoker. And we sit next to it day and night. All you have to do for mouthwatering BBQ is reheat in the oven or crockpot. The only mess you have is eating it! This is BBQ without sitting by the smoker or grill all day long. Have mouthwatering BBQ any time of day, any day of the week, any time of the year! Easy, crowd pleasing protein. And on top of it all, we deliver it right to your door at family friendly prices!

The possibilities are endless!

That is the beauty of BBQ; it can be sauced, sweet, spicy, savory, anything in between, and all of the above! It can be a style all its own! Use your favorite sauces with our brisket and shredded beef for your own sandwich twist! Or maybe you make hot beef sundaes, pizzas, soups, or french dips! Use our pork carnitas or beef barbacoa in tacos, burritos, enchiladas, chili, tamales, salads, nachos, and more! Your family will come running to the dinner table!! And devour every last bite!!