Marv’s Shredded Beef + Sliced Brisket MEATBOX


Marv’s Shredded Beef + Sliced Brisket MEATBOX


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Meatbox includes
  • One 2 pound package of Ready-To-Heat-And-Serve Shredded Beef
  • One 2 pound package of Ready-To-Heat-And-Serve Sliced Brisket
  • 12 hearty 1/3 pound servings per MEATBOX
Reheating Instructions
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EAT BEEF! And make it smoked barbecue beef!

Our founder, Marv, was a meat guy through and through! Marv is in the Meat Hall of Fame! Yes, there is actually one of those! Smoked meats are what our company was founded on, and Marv established the passion, flavor, and quality we see in our meats still today. We miss Marv, so we just had to give him the nod on our essentials MEATBOX featuring our flagship products: Ready-To-Heat-And-Serve Shredded Beef and Sliced Brisket. 

We have been smoking these meats for over 20 years! For our shredded beef, we take lean beef cuts and slow roast them for many hours, until oh so tender. Fully cooked in natural juices and ready-to-heat-and-serve! For our sliced brisket, we hand selected, hand trimmed, and hand rubbed the premium beef briskets and slow smoked them for up to 12 hours with hardwood, like the way they do in Texas, to ensure flavor and tenderness. Then, it’s sliced and vacuum sealed to get peak freshness!

We put in the work so you don’t have to! That way you can have delicious smoked meats year round and have easy meals for your family or chaotic schedule!


meal ideas

Fully cooked, ready to heat and serve on a sandwich. Or get creative with French dip? BBQ sandwiches, hot beef sundaes, street tacos, enchiladas, shepherd’s pie, baked potato bar, quesadillas, beef stroganoff, vegetable beef soup, paninis, taco salads, hash, wraps, omelets, pizza, chili. So many possibilities!

This MEATBOX makes the perfect gift for any barbecue enthusiast or meat fanatic! Even for the working parent that needs an easy family meal. Oh and don’t forget about your college kids! Easy, premium meat gifts for anyone on your list!


Can’t get enough of our smoked meats?

Need more for a party or gathering? Check out our Small Bundle or Family Bundle for bulk family friendly pricing!


Recipes to make with this meatbox

Gluten Free! MSG Free!

Seasoned Smoked Sliced Brisket

Ingredients: Beef briskets, water, seasoning (salt, spices [including pepper and thyme], extractives of onion and garlic), dextrose, salt, Sodium Phosphate, Sugar.

Seasoned Shredded Beef with Juices

Ingredients: Beef, water, dextrose, salt, sodium, phosphate, sugar.

Additional information

Weight 104 oz
Dimensions 14 × 10 × 6 in
Serving Size

Cooked or Uncooked

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