Marsha’s Shredded Beef MEATBOX


Marsha’s Shredded Beef MEATBOX


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Meatbox includes
  • Two – 2 pound packages of Ready-To-Heat-And-Serve Shredded Beef
  • 12 hearty 1/3 pound servings per MEATBOX
Reheating Instructions
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EAT BEEF! And enjoy it in any way you can imagine with our shredded beef!

Marsha is our vice president and resident problem solver. Whenever you need her she is always there, making our company better every step of the way. An Iowa girl through and through, Marsha was raised on a livestock and grain farm with a large family and great home cooked meals around the table. She knows good food and family go together like pb&j, or maybe our shredded beef and a great sandwich.

Featuring our flagship & most versatile product: Ready-To-Heat-And-Serve Shredded Beef. We have been smoking this shredded beef for over 20 years! Now you really know it’s good beef! We take lean beef cuts, trim them, season them, and slow roast them for many hours, until oh so tender. Perfectly cooked and seasoned shredded beef without any of the work! This is the perfect product to stock in your fridge or freezer, instead of ground beef! Substitute this for ground beef in all your recipes for an easy and flavorful way to upgrade family meals. Our shredded beef is a freezer staple kids and adults alike will love!

Our shredded beef is so much easier than smoking your own at home. To make this at home, you would need to buy the roast, trim and season it, cook it for hours, and shred it. This takes many hours start to finish. OR you can reheat our product while putting your feet up and FEAST!


Meal Ideas

Fully cooked in natural juices, ready to heat and serve on a sandwich or whatever else your stomach is craving. BBQ sandwiches, French Dip, Hot Beef Sundaes, Street Tacos, Enchiladas, Shepherd’s Pie, Baked Potato Bar, Quesadillas, Beef Stroganoff, Vegetable Beef Soup, Taco Salads, Paninis … never ending possibilities! Great for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, late night cravings, teenager fridge raids, and so much more! Just reheat in your oven, crockpot, or skillet and add it to your dish! Your whole herd will come running to the dinner table!

Featured in our beloved Hot Beef Sundae MEATBOX!


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Recipes to make with this meatbox

Gluten Free! MSG Free!

Ingredients: Beef, water, dextrose, salt, sodium, phosphate, sugar.

Additional information

Weight 104 oz
Dimensions 14 × 10 × 6 in
Serving Size

Cooked or Uncooked

Nutritional Information

2 reviews for Marsha’s Shredded Beef MEATBOX

  1. Suzanne

    We had some quick and easy and delicious sandwiches tonight with the shredded beef. I heated up the thawed shredded beef on the stove top (out of the bag) because I was short on time. I did some open face grilled cheese sandwiches. Then placed the shredded beef inside two grilled cheese sandwiches and served with some bbq sauce and a salad. “These sandwiches are really, really good,” from the family. We served four hungry adults and had some leftover beef. THANK YOU!

  2. Mary

    Received the shredded beef box as a gift! Absolutely loved it! Even tried the Easy Shepherd’s Pie recipe included and really liked it.

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