Emily’s Beef Barbacoa MEATBOX


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Emily’s Beef Barbacoa MEATBOX


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Meatbox includes
  • Two – 2 pound packages of Ready-To-Heat-And-Serve Beef Barbacoa
  • 12 hearty 1/3 pound servings per MEATBOX
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One of our Tex Mex Favorites!

Emily, our resident marketer and artist, loves to create all things, including delicious food for her friends and family! She throws her own “spice” into everything she does and spreads it around here at WG! 

Our barbacoa is delicious, slow smoked shredded beef mixed in our own unique blend of spices for a twist on this authentic Central and South American dish. Barbacoa originated in central America and refers to slow cooked meats, where the word “barbeque” derives from. Originally, a barbacoa, or barbecue, wasn’t a way of cooking food, but the name of the structure use by natives to smoke their food. Traditionally, the meat is wrapped in leaves, seasoned with herbs and spices, and steam cooked in an underground oven. It is cooked until tender and succulent. Due to this relatively complicated traditional cooking process, barbacoa is considered a delicacy and not an everyday Mexican fare. Today, the term barbacoa is used for a similar preparation made on a stovetop or slow cooker. Barbacoa was later adopted into southwestern United State cuisine and transformed in time to “barbecue.” 


meal ideas

Our beef barbacoa is served in some of the best Tex Mex restaurants in the southwest, so you know it’s delicious!  It is Ready-To-Shred, so all you need to do is throw it in the oven or crockpot and shred! Elevate your typical ground beef tacos with our oh so versatile beef barbacoa! Create endless family meal possibilities! All the ease with all the flavor for your fiesta!! Tacos, burritos, bowls, enchiladas, hash, chili, loaded barbacoa fries, taco salads, so many easy dinner ideas!


Planning a fiesta?

Stock up on our meats by taking a look at our Small Bundle or Family Bundle. Your taco party will be easy, flavorful, and have everyone coming back for more!


Recipes to make with this meatbox

Gluten Free! MSG Free!

Ingredients: Beef, water, seasoning (salt, dehydrated garlic, dextrose, natural mesquite smoke flavor), dextrose, salt, sodium phosphate, sugar.

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Dimensions 14 × 10 × 6 in
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1 review for Emily’s Beef Barbacoa MEATBOX

  1. Su

    Loved the Barbacoa! There were five of us eating at 4 different times last night. I put a 2 lb Barbacoa (still frozen) in my crockpot on high at 2:30 after work and by 6:30, dinner was ready. I had taco fixins in the fridge and a pot of black beans ready to reheat. Dinner at 6:30. Dinner at 7:30. Dinner at 8:30 and a final post basketball game dinner at 10 pm. Without the MEATBOX, we would have all eaten out of bags tonight! And we have another package of Barbacoa ready for another crazy night! Thank you! Delicious!

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